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Jin Huggies😋😘
and then Tae happens....hahaha I love dat boi
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i like how kookie is like "what the hell is this guy doing"
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i want to hug tae now lol and rapmon and tae are the only ones who wanted it jimin looked embarrassed
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Aww mama Jin hugging his kids and husband
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Everyone smiled except Suga
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Tae is me honestly if Jin hugged me. But like this is so cute! The way Hobi smiles and Jimin's like "hey momma Jin." THEY WAY NAMJOON HUGS HIM MAKES ME EMOTINAL. Jungkook looks utterly confused at first but then he smiles. SUGA looks embarrassed af. And Taehyung's just like "cmere eomma lemme love on ya ☺️." This is just really cute, I love it. I know what to come find if I'm having a bad day 💕
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