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This Marvel star has made his choice.

According to Chaswick Boseman, who has been cast as Black Panther in the upcoming Marvel movie Civil War: "When it comes down to it, I’d rather have an action figure than a Golden Globe" (via). But is that really the choice he made? The actor was passed over for both the Golden Globes and the Oscars this year for his amazing depiction of James Brown in Get on Up. He's contractually obligated by his five-picture deal to prioritize his appearances in the Marvel universe for the next few years- but should that mean he won't be getting an Oscar?

The Academy Awards haven't favored superhero movies.

And while no one is arguing that 2015's Fantastic Four was unfairly looked over, there are some comic book adaptations that were visually stunning and beautifully acted that were also passed over. And as this card posted by @Karthikkrazzy1 earlier in the week pointed out, the Academy Awards have been favoring performances by white performers. An action figure might not have the same degree of prestige, but perhaps having your likeness sold at toy stores around the country would actually reach more people?

Plus... how cool is that?

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Fantastic 4 unfairly overlooked?????? I kept on hearing that movie was bad.
@MarvelTrashcan lol yeah it was a trainwreck
@shannonl5 oh I misread what you wrote. Oops xD
@MarvelTrashcan lol no worries, I was being a smidge sarcastic because the movie was just... so bad friend, so bad
I think that he's right in saying that he would prefer for action figure of the black panther to be made rather than him getting an would mean alot to the fans as well as to himself.