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Lady in red.

There's something extremely simplistic and chic about a red manicure. Your entire outfit could be monotone, but with a fresh pair of red nails -- your entire look will immediately pop severely. Red is a step up from pink and a step down for purple -- and it happens to be the perfect shade for any shade.
Like most nail polishes, red ranges in shades.You have your cherry reds, your deep reds and your orange reds. I happen to prefer a cherry red polish because it just seems like the perfect color to set off any look and make your hands come to life. In the wintertime, the last thing we are worried about is showing off our hands -- but when you have red nails, you might as well -- right?

Cherry Red Nail Polish

Orange Red Nail Polish

Deep Red Nail Polish

The Perfect Shades To Invest In:

Cherry Red [get yours here]
Orange Red [get yours here]
Deep Red [get yours here]

Which shade of red polish do you prefer?

the deep red always looks sophisticated yet sexy
Definitely agree!! Although if I had to choose I would go for a cherry red all day @stephosorio