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Every beauty junkie across the United States and beyond has an obsession with ColourPop cosmetics. Sweeping platforms like Youtube and Makeup Geek, the Los Angeles based cosmetics brand is an affordable alternative to trendy indie brands like Lime Crime and Sugar Pill.
The cornerstone of their line is their liquid matte lipsticks. This look is pretty much the IT look of the season, and with spring right around the corner everyone is trying to get their hands on these products.
Good thing for all of you Beauty Vinglers, I've got them!
I'm going to do a thorough rundown of all the ColourPop cosmetics products I've collected, including swatches compared to the Kylie lip kit, a more expensive line released by teen makeup queen Kylie Jenner.

ColourPop has two types of matte lipsticks:

--The Ultra Matte Lip
--Lippie Stix
Both are great formulas with wonderful color payoff, but in my opinion the Lippie Stix are better for those of us with dry lips. The formula is a little less harsh, but also a little less long-lasting, so there has to be a compromise right? Long wear vs. Comfort.
Most liquid lipsticks aren't that comfortable to apply or wear. I have several from different brands including Kat Von D, Revlon and others. By far, my favorite is ColourPop simply because they're really affordable and really long lasting, but we can get into that later.
I have a few shades from the collection. I picked them based on the current trends, so if you're unaware of the current trends, here they are!
--Nudes (made popular by Kylie Jenner who like...for some reason is the trend setter of makeup right now)
--Dark Vampy Reds (Very red carpet worthy)
--Purples (made popular by beauty bloggers and general badasses, also perfect for deeper skin tones)
--Candy Pinks (for all of us bitches who still want to be barbie in some effed up way)
Left to Right:
Koala: Really pretty blue-ish pink. This is great for pale girls because the undertones kind of warm up the skin. Pair with a smoky eye for a banging rock and roll look, or simple black eyeliner for a trendy and understated face. Perfect for spring and summer.
Silhouette: Tried and true red. Great for a night out and a golden eye shadow look. All seasons welcome. Will not stain if you're doing the whole romantic thing.
LAX: Vampy dark red. Really great for a dramatic evening look. Whether you're hitting the bar or the club, you'll definitely stand out with this lip look. Smoky eye and bronzed cheeks will make this color pop!
Bumble: Really pretty Terracotta brown color. Great neutral for work or school. Not too crazy, but still on trend. Totally a Kylie color too. Possible dupe for the new shades she's releasing.
Stingraye: Another really pretty brown / taupe color. Runway ready, Stingraye is a dupe for the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, an extremely popular shade.
More Better: This is a color I don't own in any way, shape or form. I really love that berry kind of lip, but don't rock it often. Here's to trying new things! More better is one of ColourPop's most popular colors.
Drive- In: This is a really pretty purple based pink. Similar to Koala but a bit darker, this is a great color for date night or a girl's night out. Feminine and beautiful!

Lippie Stix:

I only have three of these, but would love to try more! I have some kind of wacky shades, so here they are!
Wet: This is a shade that doesn't work as a lipstick for me. I might not be as rock and roll as I thought. It just looks kind of gray and doesn't make me look all that cool. INSTEAD, I use it as an eyeshadow. It gives you this kind of shiny, metallic Ziggy Stardust look. Perfect.
Tootsie: This is a dupe for the Kylie lip kit color Dulce K. It's a really pretty matte brown. And I am in love.
Brills: This is the one I wear the most actually. I've been after a pretty blue-pink/purple color ever since I ran out of my all time favorite lip stick from MAC: Viva Glam Gaga. Seriously, that color was everything. Brills kind of fills that gap, even though it's a bit more purple. Really pretty color!

Kylie Colors: Dupes for the next Kylie Lip Kit

Okay, now I know that the new colors haven't come out yet, but based on the research I've done (it's scientific, I can assure you) these seem like the perfect colors if you want to obtain that Kylie kind of look.
LAX, StingRaye, Bumble and Tootsi give me that kind of vibe. They're really on trend colors and are perfectly wearable for any special occasion. IF you're looking for that natural work or school look, again, use StingRaye, Bumble or Tootsi. But if you're trying to get dramatic use LAX, which when completely dry gives you that bloodthirsty vampire look that is universally sexy and fun for a night out.

The moment of truth, do we Buy it or Boot it!???


These products are incredible, and for only 6 dollars a pop they're essential for anyone who wants to stay on trend without spending a fortune.
Plus, the company is based in Los Angeles and manufactures all of their products in the good old US of A. So if you want to get political, you can say you're not blowing all your money on makeup, but you're supporting the US economy. Perfect.
Formula: 8/10 ULTRA LONG WEAR
Pigmentation: 10/10 MEGA PIGMENTED
Trend Alert: 10/10 MEGA TRENDY
Price Point: 10/10 MEGA AFFORDABLE
I'm thinking of doing a post on their Super Shock Shadows. Would you guys like that?
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YES FOR NUDES! @marshalledgar i have two of their nudes & they're pretty, my lips just retain so much moisturize. they color payoff is amazing though.
I wanna see more nudes from them @TessStevens I have not tried these
Def going to invest in the lippie stix! And although I'm not a Kylie fan, I think her Valentine's Day collection is beautiful & I could see myself purchasing at least one for sure. But I'll wait and see what dupes I can get my hands on first.
Yes! @stephosorio I'm so impressed by them. I hope I can try more soon! I'm going to put up a review/swatch post based on their shadows too. They are my favorite product from this brand!
@nylonchef9 well, the liquid lipsticks are kind of drying. I just wrote a card about applying liquid lipstick. And what helps combat that is exfoliating and using a lip balm before that . I really like them. But the Lippie Stix are way better in terms of staying moisturized, but you kind of compromise wear time.
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