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Wait.... what?

Yup. All of us know that Peter being raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben is a major part of his origin story. But in Amazing Spider-Man #386-388 his parents came back.... sort of. And Peter does what any reasonable son/superhero would do: He reveals his identity to them. And it's adorable and heart-warming... for about three panels.

Yup. Evil.

They were actually designed by a villain to try to find Spider-Man's identity. Of course Spidey thwarts that plan. Mom-bot destroys dad-bot and everything is sort of okay. Though it does seem kind of... upsetting? I'd be mad if I were Peter!
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Yea was a dark time for Marvel a lot of their stories were going through that it seem I'm the 90s
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@Boggleman well they were going bankrupt so I'm sure they had a lot to worry about XD
2 years ago·Reply
True that @shannonl5
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thats kinda ass
2 years ago·Reply
I remember those days. Not good times.
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