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Fit Relationship Goals
I know awhile back I wrote a card about how annoying it can be when you're working out with a significant other. I think they when two people in a relationship have similar fitness goals or interests, it's fun to talk about those things.
My ex-boyfriend was a runner trying to lean out. I was a powerlilfter trying to eat as much as I wanted to, while still remaining pretty shapely. We weren't exactly compatible when it came to fitness, although we were both super active.
I think it's nice to be able to talk to someone who is as passionate about lifting weights as you are. And I think it would be cool to sometimes work with a partner...
I like these, now I just gotta convince the wife
2 years ago·Reply just read my mind. I was talking to a friend earlier about how jealous I was because he and his girlfriend workout together all the time!
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