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I'm going to be honest with you. When I first saw this come up on my feed, I wanted to laugh. I wanted to make fun of this whole endeavor. I wanted to be a stick-in-the-mud like I usually am. But I can't. After reading a lot about the Education Edition of Minecraft, I thought about my nephews and younger cousins who always bugged me to play Minecraft with them.
And while I had fun playing the actual game with them, I had more fun watching the look of awe on their faces while they built whatever they were building. I liked watching them problem solve and figure things out on their own. In one particular instance, I watched my nephew build the Colosseum -- you know, the one in Rome -- without using a guide from the Internet but by looking at pictures of the actual thing from a textbook he brought from home.
And that's the thing about Minecraft. I can't really explain what it's about or why people play it. Everyone plays it for reasons that are close to them. It's a game where the outcome is completely intrinsic to the player. If you want to battle ghouls and skeletons, you can. If you just want to build -- which is something almost everyone just wants to do -- then you can do that.
So putting the game in the hands of children at school seems like a really great idea. It'll help them think creatively or visit places from history in a virtual world. While looking around, their teacher can explain the importance of these places to their students. It's really something that makes me excited for the next generation of kids and how they'll be when they're weird adults questioning their life decisions.
This sounds really awesome. As long as they don't inhibit the kids, I think it will be a really creative and fun way to encourage learning. ^^