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Frank Miller is not happy about this new Elektra appearance.

It's not surprising- Miller introduced the character as a one-off and killed her when the story was done. Marvel agreed to leave the character dead. And then broke that promise (because we all know by now that nobody stays dead... except Uncle Ben). When Miller was asked about the character's upcoming appearance on Daredevil he said: "They can do whatever they want; that is not her." (Via). Well all right then.

Should the creators get more say?

When you're writing in an established universe, one which is owned by a company, it means that you're often toying with characters and stories that aren't strictly speaking yours. When you introduce your own creations, should you have full control over how they emerge in the future? Limiting the creative freedom of the writers that come after you, giving them less flexibility than you yourself had? Here's what co-showrunner Doug Petrie had to say about the criticism:
God bless him, it’s his prerogative. I’m a huge fan of what he did, so the [criticism] doesn’t go both ways. I wouldn’t say, “What does Frank Miller know?” I’m so inspired by him and what he achieved and I’m trying to take it further and enrich her. She’s an empowered woman with her own agency, she’s nobody’s victim.

Hmmm... tell me more Daredevil!

What does everyone think?

Is there a way for everyone to be happy? Ultimately, the fans are the ones that will be making the choice (with their wallets and their support).
I agree with @TerrellHenry. Miller should've known after killing Electra that she was gonna come back either because of Marvel or Marvel listening to their fans. He just has to hope that they make Electra look the same, great, or better.
My feelings are that he was hired to do a job. He created the character for Marvel, and they can do what they want with her.
I agree with @TerrellHenry and etc., Miller cashes the check, he sales his character.
@shannonl5 yeah exactly! With a long-running franchise like Marvel or DC, there needs to be flexibility. You can't go making someone else's job harder because you feel that there is only one interpretation of the character you created. And future comic book artists and writers might come up with an interputation it's even better than the original.
@TerrellHenry @BelleofRay I think that makes sense. Comics work very differently from other creative industries- marvel gives you permission to potentially change their world, one with so much heritage and significance. But in return you need to give the people who come after you the same freedom, otherwise the universe can't grow.
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