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I absolutely love the Metal Gear Solid series and they mean a whole lot to me. So coming across this fan project (which seems to be, like, the cool thing to do these past couple of days) with the intent of remaking the original game using the Unreal Engine made me squeal in such a high pitch only dogs could hear it [that's not true, I was normal, I am normal].
Only titled Shadow Moses (the island where the game takes place) I couldn't help but be super excited at the possibility of this game existing. But unfortunately, since this is a fan-made thing, there's a lot that can get in the way of this game being available for little boys and girls like me to play.
Konami's recent track record with the video game community is pretty horrible, so part of me is worried that this project will just get slapped with a Cease and Desist letter like a lot of previous fan remakes. But still, I really like hoping that this remake comes out. Even though I don't have a computer that's strong enough to run it, I'd still enjoy seeing play throughs of it on YouTube.
And maybe one day, if I ever save enough AmericaBucks I could get myself a PC that'll run the game (along with a lot of other games). I just love seeing projects like this pop up on my feed because it shows that there are a lot of people like me who love a series so much they'll try to recreate it.
Even if this game doesn't get released, it's still great PR for those who are working on it. And maybe the team will end up pursuing another project that'll be better than this remake, who knows?