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Chris Hemsworth was NOT the first pick!

It feels weird to think about it now, but Marvel considered a bunch of different actors before deciding that Hemsworth would be playing the God of Thunder. Who were they thinking of?

Daniel Craig

That's right, James Bond. He was actually the first choice.

Tom Hiddleston

Jim Carrey was almost our Loki. Which would have been... very different.

Channing Tatum

Magic Mike is actually playing another Marvel character (Gambit) but for a different company.

Who else was (almost) worthy of the hammer?

Charlie Hunnam, Alexander Skarsgard, and Liam Hemsworth were all up for the role as well.
Is there anyone else out there who REALLY wants to see those auditions?!
No one is worthy, except maybe cap, cuz he can move the hammer
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I would really love to see Hiddleston's and Skarsgard's audition for Thor! Maybe YouTube might have it...
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@BelleofRay omg let us know if you find it!!!
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