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This year the world get's to celebrate a really awesome number in history. Shakespeare's 400th anniversary of his death. Ok, his death sucks, but we will be celebrating his life, his plays, his legacy. Now. That's. Awesome.
It's going to be a really awesome year for Shakespearan's. Get ready...

Here's what is happening across the world for Shakespeare!!

Productions across the globe! Though some theatre companies even strictly do Shakespeare, more productions will appear around the Globe (get it?) to celebrate the
Shakespeare Film! Digital video screenings at universities, online, and special showcase television screenings.
Shakespeare Talks. Don't know much about the bard? Well professors across the world know a lot about the dude, and they are STILL talking about his awesome works. And why they are influential. I know for me especially, understanding the meaning behind something give me a better appreciation for art.
Want to see what other events are happening near you?! There's an app for that!! Shakespeare Passport via Android and Apple will let you know all the events that are happening. Check out and see what your local community is doing to celebrate the playwright!
Final EVENT! On 23 April, Simon Callow hosts a gala concert at the Royal Festival Hall with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Glyndebourne Chorus. Also, a broadcast on BBC2 from Stratford and hosted by one-time Hamlet, David Tennant will take place.
ALSO: Rumor is that Benedict Cumberbatch might be in on the fun.
I'm a huge fan of Shakespeare, and I know that's not saying much (because well he is one of the most influential, if not THE most influential playwright ever). But when I say I mean I'm a huge fan of Shakespeare, I mean I've read ever single one of his plays, a bunch of his sonnets, written several papers on the man, and a been in few productions.
I'm not a Shakespeare expert, but my god is his stuff brilliant. I couldn't be more excited.
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Anyone else excited for this year Shakespeare?!

That's amazing @szewwy I hope it's your city!! and then I'll come to it...and nerd out. where are you from again? haha.
One of the professors from the theater department at my college was on some board that decided the next location for some Shakespeare festival thing and they were able to be it to our city.
Woo! Shakespeare is awesome :D I love his work ^^
Thy food is such as hath been belch'd upon by infected lungs.
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