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Is everyone ready for date night?

Okay, maybe a better question would be: Is *anyone* ever ready for date night? Let's be real, it can be difficult to come up with fun, creative date ideas week after week. Which is not to say you can't reuse some old favorites! But if you feel like you need some fresh ideas to add to your date rotation, The Avengers are here to help! Let's see what their favorite dates are:

Iron Man

"If you're ever short on cash- not that I know what that's like- a night in can be pretty romantic with the right touches. Music, candles, tablecloth and using the nice dishes for a home-cooked meal can transform your apartment into a cute (and private!) date destination."

Black Widow

"Museums are a great way to get to spend time with someone- you'll be chatting about everything you learned together for hours."


"Pizza and a car chase- I mean walk around the park. Something simple and low-pressure so you focus on each other instead of stressing out over a 'perfect' night."

Captain America

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- and a totally underrated date idea. You heard that right: Captain America does brunch."


"On Asgard we don't go on dates- we go to BATTLE! But on Earth a trip to paintball or laser tag would be acceptable and fun. I'm also a fan of hiking in your truly majestic forests."

The Hulk

Believe it or not, The Hulk gives AMAZING dating advice! Follow my collection Marvel Dating Advice so you can ask him about his date night techniques the next time he's in town to answer questions.
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@shannonl5 @AlloBaber first a little while by the beach followed up by just a fun time playing games talking and watching whatever only to fall asleep on the couch
@arnelli That... that actually sounds like fun
hawkeye - totally him!
@AlloBaber waffles are one of the most romantic foods of course ^_^ @NaraA same here! I've done museum dates too but something low-pressure is usually what I'm after