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A Boy and His Blob is a puzzle-platformer that came out in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii and since mine was collecting dust or under that one table leg that was, for some reason, shorter than all the others, I never got around to playing it. And unfortunately, I didn't hear anything about it because a lot of my friends were too busy playing Smash instead of trying new titles on the Wii.
So when I saw that this game came out for PS4, I immediately watched the trailer (below) and got intrigued by it. There's something about these puzzle-platformers that really give me that strange feeling of nostalgia. I was never really good at them when I was a kid but it reminded me that those were games I loved playing when I was growing up.
The game's style reminds me of games like Heart of Darkness, Flashback, and Abe's Odyssey. Those were the only types of games my parents let me play as a kid because you know, like all parents they were worried about me shooting stuff all the time. And honestly, I'm really glad they framed my gaming life this way. It's definitely helped with developing my problem-solving skills.
So I'm definitely going to pick this game up since it's out right now. It's been a long time since I played a game where I can just mess around for a little bit and try and solve puzzles. It also helps that the titular Boy and Blob are outrageously cute. Thumbs up on that art direction, am I right, ladies?
A Boy and His Blob is available for digital download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC RIGHT NOW.
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This game looks adorable. Can't wait to check it out~