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The distance between loneliness and communication is long and confusing. It's about dealing with losing or reaching out to those you are deeply attached to, but of no avail and being in a different country can make it even stranger. This dramedy film shows the ups and downs of that and how to loosen up and go out exploring. Let's all relax and make this time Suntory Time. Here's what I've learned.
Exclusion from home.
Bob and Charlotte go through an weird phase in life. One is discovery new life while the other has seen it all and is depressed. But they have the same situation in common: They feel left out from their families. Both are far away and are dealing with their new environments. Homesickness is an uncomfortable experience. Just when you discover a new place and are settling in, it doesn't feel the same as it was before. However, since you have some of your stuff with you, you can also find people and places you have in common with. If you don't know where to start and are having trouble, it's important to find the ones that are related to you. Map out the directions that make you more outgoing and connect the dots all the way. Just because you're far away doesn't mean there's nothing that'll hold you down.
Hotel rooms and night life.
Hotel rooms are ordinary. It's just a room with very little life to them. But it's a room to recuperate. In most of the shots, Bob and Charlotte are seen very little when they're alone, showing their head and shoulders, feet, and back. During the night scenes it's more colorful and exciting. While everyone else is asleep, the real people are out there running around and talking. It's also the part of the day when real conversations come out. Then we get the full picture of both characters. It's an insomniac feeling. I've had nights where I couldn't sleep and wanting to talk to someone. Anyone, no matter what the topic was about. If there's no one to talk to, write down the things that always let you down and tuck it somewhere you can't access to anymore. It'll take all the weight off your shoulders and then add the new discoveries to another list and keep it with you at all times to refer to.
Enjoy the awkwardness.
There are things you can do and cannot do in other countries. Just like before, nights are the most real and fun and talking to anyone can bring interesting conversations. It's an escape just like Bob and Charlotte do in Tokyo. Their type of fun is different and makes them happier. So if you're spending time in a new world, spread your awkward fun around new people. Don't be ashamed or ponder about what you can and cannot do. Your curiosity will give you the answer and these are the moments you'll look back to even if they were terrible.
So what did you think of Lost In Translation? What were some things you found interesting?
I love this film. All good lessons. I agree that when you're in a new country you just have to enjoy the awkwardness, explore, and have fun! Getting out and talking to people is the best way to combat loneliness. I especially liked this film though because of Bob and Charlotte's relationship in it. You never quite knew what they were to each other. That ambiguity was really interesting to me.
I really liked the use of quiet- it felt very natural to me which is hard to do with film