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Ok so like I got this from @4dalientae who didn't tag me but I saw her post so yeah I forgot it is just Kpop and by the time I finished I am like you dumb dumb TT TT I have my files separated in folders so I at first just copy and pasted my gifs onto a new folder - ALL of them like Kpop & anime ones- and chose from there.I messed up I am sorry ;-; but anyway I did a mix of anime and yeah please do what you'd like!


1. Open GIFs 2. Use every 3rd GIF 3. No skipping!
Your parent's reactions when you were born _ Ok then.. XDDDDDDDDDD
How you felt on the first day of school _ Same
Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike _ HAHAHAHAH
Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend _ oK puRE COincideN CE that it is these 2 best friends xD
How you felt when you got your first crush _ Hmmm am I telling the world? xD am I key? idk
How your crush felt when you told them _ WHAT IS HE POINTING TO......? DUNDUN
Your reaction to your parents sitting down to have "the talk" _ why am i hopping
How you felt waiting for your exam results _ Nervious...embarrassed..?
Your reaction to failing an exam _ I think this is understated lol
Your reaction to passing an exam _ ok i guess xD ?
Your reaction to having a crush on your professor _ unpopular opinion i guess?
Your reaction to graduating _ Swirling in a chair lol k
Your reaction to finding a good job _ yeeee look at me so happy
The rest of your life _ too intense no thanks XD

Anyone who wants to do this, I tag you!!

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so funny, and cool
@JamiMilsap my favorite are my parents reaction to my birth and first learning to ride a bike xD
@HiwaRasul ikrrr haha
@GenesisZiporrah I thought the failing an exam was really cute and appropriate! :-D
the last gif 😂