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Don't get stuck spinning in circles!

Are you ever bummed because you missed an awesome discussion? Feel like you're the last to know an exciting piece of news? Constantly finding games AFTER we already have a winner? Yeah, that can be frustrating. But did you know that if you're following a collection, you can get notifications when it updates! No more missing out on all the cool stuff on Vingle.

Marvelous Marvel by @LAVONYORK

You know by now to trust the Head Merc with all kinds of fun stuff. She's got news, laughs, and all kinds of great stuff in this collection.
Check it out ---> HERE

Fan and Comic Art by @JonPatrickHyde

There's an amazing artist and photographer in our midst everyone! If you like Marvel fanart you have to take a look.
Check it out ---> HERE

MwM by @MichaelOgg

The best way to keep in touch with the Deadpool fans here is to join them! This collection is full of fun stuff we've done so far!
Check it out ---> HERE

Living Geek by @SparkRIDE

Any multi-fandom Vinglers out there will like this one! There's casting news and lots of movie buff information you'll need to keep track of this year!
Check it out ---> HERE

Marvel by @amobigbang

If you want to keep track of all the fun shenanigans happening in the community, this collection should definitely be on your feed!
Check it out ---> HERE

Be a Superhero DIY by @Raavaan

So you wanna do a really awesome cosplay but you're not sure how to build all those weird gadgets? This Vingler has you covered!
Check it out ---> HERE

Do you have a favorite collection?

Or maybe you have one of your own you'd like to share! The Marvel community is so beautiful and creative, let's share our favorite Marvel collections here!
D piddy spinning on the escalators was really funny.
all I need is her picture and her bio, and I got both lol
Nope lmao not at all. I'm a PRO-crastinator lol
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