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Hello and welcome to the next installment of the fanfiction written by myself and the lovely @shannonI5! Sorry i've been taking so long, but as you all know, i've been a bit under the weather. So, now that i'm feeling a bit better, its time to write again! This is actually the second rewrite of this, as it didn't post last time, but any way, onward!
Natasha rolled her eyes at Alexander peirce, clicking on a transparent computer screen. "Then you don't know know me as well as you think you do." her words were flat as she spoke, sam calmly walking in behind her. He was most for backup, even if the pretty redhead had it all under control. Peirce laughed just then, watching her at the computer. "You need two high level officials to dump that information. I certainly won't help you." He was taunting her hust a bit. What the man didn't know was that she didn't need him. Now it was Natasha's turn to chuckle. "Who said anything about needing you? We're having company." With that, a dark figure appeared along with Krystal, Bucky and Steve. It was non other than Nicholas J. Fury himself. Alexander pierce smiled. "Its good to see you alive, old friend" he chirped, his fakeness fooling no one, including the director. Krystal simply snorted, offering her dainty hand to Natasha who was in the beginnings of leaking the info. Fury was next, and made a point as he took his eyepatch off. "Sometimes to win you have to have both eyes open." His words were simple and meaningful as the last part of the plan went into motion. Natasha shocked herself, and Krystal plunged her blue bladed sword into the heart of Alexander pierce. Now he was dead and everything was out in the open. SHIELD and HYDRA were now nothing but a form of currency no longer relevant. They had won.
Later that night, Krystal was happily making some popcorn as Steve and Bucky relaxed on the couch. "Stevie, I've been telling you this since 1937. Just tell her how you feel, punk!" It was no secret to Bucky or to any of the other avengers that Steve was mad for Krystal. She herself didn't know it though, nor did Steve ever think of telling her until he woke from the ice. Now that Bucky was back though, things were complicated. He sighed. "Okay. But she'll just turn me down, Buck." But what Steve didn't know that Bucky did was that Krystal and fae in general were polymorous.
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