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I love looking at collectibles. Especially when their art style is much different than the original art style used in a game, TV show, or movie. And that's definitely the case with this Red collectible. The main thing that drew me to it is the way they designed Red.
She looks more like a character from a Disney or Pixar movie than one from a really awesome video game and I think it's cool that they reimagined her this way. Even though I don't really have a disposable income -- so I probably won't be picking this up -- I love imagining having this on my desk at work or at home or just on my car's dashboard.
Here, I put up a comparison between official art of the game and the collectible. It's really awesome to see her imagined in such a different way. Although, I think it'd be pretty awesome to have a collectible of Red who's designed the same way in that first picture.
But if that does happen, then it'd probably be pretty expensive. I mean, I think most collectibles go for over a 100 dollars when they're super detailed so maybe the one I have posted above is still worth picking up.
If you're interested in getting the collectible for yourself, you can do so here (for about 35 dollars) from SuperGiant Games.
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but does her sword play music