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that's true
I had spanish 1 last year but had to take it again (I needed to but I also wanted to as well) Because my teacher didn't teach it right tbh and she was even from Columbia. But this year even after failing Spanish, my brain somehow managed to remember how to speak and write in spanish. I don't have trouble with the apostrophes actually, although a lot of people in my spanish class have trouble with it. my Spanish teacher this year actually teaches Spanish very well (even though he can be an asshat sometimes). we're not allowed to translate but my mind automatically does it because that's how my other teacher taught it.
And oh my Lord he's so sarcastic. He reminds me of Suga, in a way 馃槀馃槀
@kennaxx oh wow Id like to see that.. you cant escape kpop even in school lol
@kennaxx If she your other teacher wasn't teaching it right, it might be because of dialect differences.