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You might as well make it a K-pop star.

Seriously, there's no fandom that will do a better job stoking the fires of your obsession. I know, I know, them's fightin' words, but here me out.
When your celebrity crush is a K-pop star...

They sing and dance, as though for you and you alone.

I was never one of those pop star-obsessed preteens. Nuh-uh. Not for me. Boys dancing around and singing love songs never made my heart melt.
Until I met K-pop.
So much cuteness. So much sexiness. And so much irresistible singing and dancing!!! Give it a try. I'm telling you. You might be surprised.

You have infinite GIFs of them doing body rolls.

YASSS RAVI WORK ITTT! ...Ahem. You have no idea of the capacity you have for obsessing over the tiniest, weirdest details until you get into K-pop. Then things like body rolls, which may seem weird or flamboyant on the surface, become the stuff of daydreams.

You also have GIFs of them doing that thing they do with their mouth that sets your loins aflame.

Body rolls aren't the half of it. Sometimes you just find a GIF and it... makes your pants evaporate? Or something?

There are a million other people who have already done all the hard work for you.

And by hard work, I mean stocking a treasure trove of images, videos, GIFs, interviews, dance performances, behind the scenes, funny stuff, game show appearances, etc. etc. etc...
You learn a couple key search terms and you're all set. Namely, "selca," "focus," "dance practice," "After School Club," "speaking English," "compilation," and the ever-important, "sexy ______." (If you need clarification on any of these, you better believe the Vingle K-pop community will have your back.)
All the videos you could ever want, at your fingertips. That's hours upon hours of blissful crush stalking. Squee.

So much fan fiction.

If you want to go there.
But really, in my opinion, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The ships. Oh, the ships.

Why is it so cute when your two favorite members of a group pal around? Seriously, what is this weird feeling deep inside?!
That, my friend, is the wonders of shipping at work.
People get really caught up in K-pop idols' relationships with one another. Even if that doesn't get you all excited, you can still enjoy your journey down the shipping rabbit hole – just squint and imagine the person you like less is you.
(And if you'd like your day to be made, please go google Vmin right now. *shameless plug for my ship*)
(oh my god who have I become)
Aaaaaand that is why you should forget all other types of celebrity crush, and go with a K-pop crush ASAP.
You're welcome.
dude, I was never into American pop celebrities either.... I NEVER had a group/person that I went wild about..... and then BOOM IN COMES BTS GOT7 ASTRO BUSTIN IN MY DOOR AND HOLDING ME HOSTAGE
yes i love this so much! these are all the things i love about kpop! yes vmin. i dont ship them (or any idols for that matter romantically (sorry to ones who do just not my thing)
"Set my loins aflame" 😂💥
this is so cute but it's also a big problem lol
Min Yoongi destroyed my life. like. really. just set my social life and fire and watched it burn and turn to ash.
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