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Valentine's Day came early for makeup junkies.

Every now and then a new step is added to get the perfect contoured face. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it makes more sense that a beat face would be less painful than cupid shooting you -- and with that being said, I bring to you heart contouring. Who knew you could bring so much life, depth and a natural glow to your face by simply just drawing a few hearts?
Cosmopolitan never seems to fail us when it comes to keeping us on top of all the new and popular beauty trends. Whether you're going out on the day of the lovers or a not, a contoured face is like milk -- it does the body good. So, with that being said -- do yourself a favor and keep scrolling so that your face can be beat on every occasion.
Just incase you don't catch the actual steps in the video [seen below], you can read the actual steps one through ten below.
1. Highlight from the center of the brows, ending the heart at the apple of the cheeks.
2. Create an adjacent hook for the next half of the heart. (This is your highlighter).
3. Use a darker contour stick to create the other half of the heart on the cheek.
4. Use the same darker contour stick to line the perimeter of your face in a heart shape.
5. Draw a tiny heart as blush on each cheek.
6. Blend.
7. Draw one heart on the eyelids with a shimmery pencil. Draw a larger heart in a bronze shade over the first heart.
8. Blend.
9. Draw a heart in the center of the lips.
10. Draw a heart around the lips.
11. Blend.
*As you can see ladies, blending is always the key to a successful beat face.*

Are you all hearts for this contouring method?

that's a fun little trick
I definitely agree! @MeganStright
@jordanhamilton I'm gonna have to try it out and make a step by step picture card
Yesss! That would be awesome. Please tag me if you do @MeganStright
@jordanhamilton I definately will