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Everyone likes different things to do on dates. Some like to stay is for a cozy night be the fire, some like to go out on the town. But how much of your personality plays into dates? The MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) would suggest a LOT.
Thanks to everyone in this card for their personality type responses! I'm no expert on MBTI and personality type, but using my obsessive knowledge of personalities, I did my best!!

Now let's dive into the dates...


Introverts like to stay in, but your competitive side loves games and strategy! I suggest a game night complete with prizes (extra popcorn? extra hugs? Pick your poison).


Ok, so you are a spontaneous and love something that sounds a little crazy (and maybe thrilling!) It may take a little planning but skydiving, go-cart racing, or even trying surfing would be an awesome date for you!


You want time to talk to the person you are on the date with, so what you do isn't as important as the quality time you spend. Try spending an afternoon in a cafe with someone, or even a walk in the park.


You also enjoy the one-on-one time you can spend with someone. But you like to discuss the real stuff. My suggestion: an intimate dinner for two. Including some lively conversation and perhaps a debate or two. You love stimulating convos!


The quiet, serious, contemplative type can get some loving too. But you also need a little brain stimulation! Try playing a game of chess with your person, or engage in a trivia game night at home!


One-on-one activities are your favorite too. Have you ever thought of crafting with your partner? Sounds weird, but building or making something together is something you might enjoy.


You also like something thrilling and adventurous. Something more dramatic than the average dinner and drinks! Try adventurous activity, or attending a unique event in your town/city. Yoga with your dog? Giant chocolate festival? You're all over that.


We're artsy, but love a good time around people. For me the ideal date would be something interesting, like a concert or charity event. But karaoke date night is also up there for me.


When someone says, "let's try something new together," you are freaking stoked. You love hands-on dates complete with learning a new. Take a cooking class, go see a new band, or just go somewhere together you haven't been!


You like going out and being around people too. So anything out and about and fun is your ideal date. Check out a new restaurant together, go out and get drinks together, or go dancing!


You like when someone goes all-out for you! Especially when they take care to look up the best restaurant in town, or best place to see at night. Your ideal night would be a fancy night, maybe a fancy dinner, or dress-up and going out on the town.


You like trying new a fun things, but on a small scale. Your idea date would be something unique, but also with some great one-on-on time. Try going on a date to a unique event in your town, or visiting the animal shelter to play with puppies or kitties!
Don't see your personality type up there? Want to be tagged in the next one? Take this quiz <<HERE>> and comment below. I'll make sure to include in my next card about MBTI and Relationships. :D

Well everyone, I know I'm no expert on this, but how did I do? Also make sure to follow my collection!

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Nice!! I'll add you to the list :D
@nicolejb You nailed it. I like walking in parks, beaches, hiking...enjoy conversation with SO and alone time.
Yay!! I'm happy to hear that @EasternShell sounds like I need to keep these going :D
@nicolejb You're on a roll :)
I really love card/board games. It's always dissapointing when no one wants to play. The majority think that it's boring :/