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Can anyone translate this?
So, I bought Tazza 2 on blu ray and it came in. Included in the box was a photobook and photocards. When I opened the holder for the cards, there is this writing on the inside cover in sharpie. I know the top line is the title of the movie but I can't tell what the other two lines are.
Can anyone help me? I'm super curious.
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타짜 - 신의 손 감독 강형철(autograph)
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So it says Tazza - Hand of God Director Kang Hyungcheol :) Thanks @aubelune i couldnt read the last part!!
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Thank you @kpopandkimchi and @aubelune!! The last two parts were driving me crazy!
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@SatinSkies I don't blame you👍🏻 anytime!
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I cannot read some of the hand writing. What is the Korean equivalent for Z !
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