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In the age of achievement hunting and looking to really complete or beat a game, there's always a lot more you can do with your purchase than just finishing the main storyline. A while back, I was in a conversation with a friend who told me that there was a difference between finishing a game and beating/completing a game.

When you finish a game you:

-- Just beat the storyline. Maybe play multiplayer until your mom says, "Paulie, you gotta do dishes, ya fuckin' punk."

When you beat a game you:

-- You do everything. Absolutely everything. All the achievements. All the little doo-dads. All of everything, erased. Then drawn again but this time with your pencil instead of theirs. You are the absolute winner. This takes a lot of time.
And honestly, I've only done this with two games. The first of which you can see above, Red Dead Redemption -- image politely stolen from the InterTube Image Search (patent pending). I've written before about how I loved this game. But I never really told you guys how much. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to do every little thing in the game. I don't know why but I was compelled to. And when I finally saw that achievement pop, I nearly lost my nuggets. So I promptly went back to the store and bought more nuggets.
The other game I did this with was Assassin's Creed 2 -- image impolitely stolen from the InterTube Image Search (patent pending). And I know I just wrote about the way I gave up on the first game in the series but there was something about the sequel that really drew me in. And honestly, completing this game wasn't something I set out to do. I just played a shit-ton of it. I didn't stop until I got all the things.
I think the most fun was buying all those paintings and looking at them in high-definition. I know this is a game about stabbing people in the back/neck/face with blades that come out of your sleeves but as someone who took too many Art History courses in college, looking at all these Renaissance paintings fulfilled a need I didn't know I had until I started doing it. Either way, though, it was a pretty great feeling. Finishing this one off is probably my greatest video game achievement to date. Looking for all those feathers was ridiculous.
But what about you guys? What games have you beaten or finished? How long did it take? Were they even fun games? How'd it feel when you finally completed them? Let me know in the comments or go the extra mile and write your own card (if you do this, I'll send you a copy of your favorite book*)
*No I won't. Sorry, I don't have money like that. And even if I did, who reads anymore?
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I've done it with black flag, came very close with AC3, and I'm working on it for Far Cry 4. Dark Souls Two is also coming together nicely, but with DS3 coming out soon I fear I won't complete it in time.
all the COD games, borderlands 1 & 2, Dying Light, Minecraft if u count killing the enderdragon, Destiny, and a few more I cant remember
Kingdom hearts 1.2 kingdom hearts chain of memories Ummm a lot of DBZ games hahah Resident evil 4 & 5 Resident evil Racoon City conker bad fur day banjo 1 & 2 Luigis mansion Lord of the rings 2 & 3 (from the movie) Halo 2 Call of duty gosht Call of duty black ops 1 Mortal Kombat X lol there's probably other ones i just can't remember right now hahah x) @paulisadroid
All the Zelda games (both Wii and 3ds) Diablo 3 and ROS Mario 3D land Myst series (I inherited this old pc from my uncle and it was the toy of my childhood, it had some of the best pc classics!) The other games I just complete the main campaign, not striving for 100% completion: AC 1 and black flag, civilisation 4 & 5, Heroes of might and magic VI, age of empire, divinity: the original sin, all the Mario games on Wii, monster Hunter ultimate, Dragon age: acquisition, star craft brood wars... mostly games on steam which I'm trying really hard to complete to justifying purchasing them on sale.
I don't even know haha I don't think I have but I'm close to it with Destiny ^^