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Playlist Challenge: Strut Through the City Playlist
Boost your confidence with that feel good beat and strut your steps through the city with this playlist ^^
Ma City: BTS This song is awesome. Such a feel good beat you can easily listen to while struting through your city!
Theif: BASTARZ Again, feel good beat! strut with confidence <3
Oasis: Crush ft Zico i always sing along with this song and wanna throw my hands in the air! but another good strut yourself song!
Happiness: Red Velvet "sometimes you gotta be bold, just rock the world! Booyah!" this song is also one you listen to and feel a little more confident with your steps!
Good: GOT7 again, feel good beat and listening makes you feel more confident and up in spirits! perfect to strut through the city!
great selection ^_^
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love that bts song too
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I'm feeling this playlist!
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