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In one of the most surprising twists in 2016 (probably not but I like hyperbole) the latest DLC for both Payday 2 and Goat Simulator reference each other. I don't know what the companies are trying to accomplish by doing this cross-promotional DLC other than getting some idiot (me) to write about it to all his friends on the Internet. I haven't played either of these games because 1) Payday 2 looks like something I'll never have fun playing and 2) Goat Simulator looks like something I'll immediately get bored of once I start playing.
But I have to say, no matter what their endgame intentions are, I think it's pretty interesting that these two companies decided to team up, so to speak, for their respective latest DLC outings.
The trailer for the Goat Simulator DLC which is Payday 2 themed looks admittedly more interesting than the other one. Even though I'd never play this game, it looks like something that people who do actually play this game in earnest will enjoy. There are weird jokes and all of the characters names have some kind of food pun involved.
I don't know. But it looks like it adds new gameplay elements to the game which is why I think it'll be more fun. You know what, I don't even know if that's true. I don't know what game mechanics Goat Simulator has but I want to assume this adds something new to the game other than the weird new animals you can play as.
On the other side of the spectrum, the Payday 2 DLC which is Goat Simulator themed looks like it adds "something" to the game that I'm just missing out on. Honestly, after watching the trailer, I don't know what this adds to a first-person horde mode game. And the trailer looks like it was poorly crafted by some teenager in their bedroom over the course of six weekends.
Wait, is that the whole thing here? Is this a giant joke they made in order to trick me into wasting my time complaining about it? If so, that's a real genius move. I love complaining but I hate wasting my time complaining and I never waste my time complaining when I start to complain. You know what I'm saying?
But what do you guys think? Will you pick up this DLC?
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Payday is alright :) it's pretty fun hahah but it's not like AWESOME or extremely addicted x) I just love the mask that the characters you use wear lol that was like my first reason why I got the game to begin with lol @paulisadroid 馃槅
@MoisEsGaray do you get to switch the masks after time?
@paulisadroid nah there just basically different characters x) I think there's only 4 or 5 masks And I think you have to unlock them I haven't played it that much to hahah x)
@MoisEsGaray that's kind of a bummer. I like being able to change stuff around oh well
@paulisadroid I feel you me too haha