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Hey Vingle Nakama!!

I haven't done a VS matchup in a little bit, with the exception of the Decision December cards, so I thought it would be cool to jump back into it.
I was racking my brain trying to figure out a good matchup. Originally I wanted to do two villains, but I decided to go with a different theme; powers. So for this versus match, I decided to focus on two awesome sand-powered badasses. This is a match between

Crocodile and Gaara


A Pirate captain who consumed the Suna Suna no Mi (the Sand Sand Fruit) which allows him to become, control, and create sand.
Immensely strong and a capable fighter, Crocodile is capable of withstanding incredible levels of torture, as seen in Impel Down.
Crocodile's hook is hollow and underneath lies another poisonous hook, with one slash being enough to kill someone. If the hook is damaged, his arm also contains a knife.


One of the 9 juubi, Gaara has the Sand Raccoon Shukaku sealed inside of him, meaning that he never sleeps and has near-bottomless levels of chakra.
Gaara has the 'ultimate defense', a sand shield that reacts automatically around him as well as a layer of chakra-hardened sand covering his entire body.
He eventually became the Kazekage and became a good guy, the youngest Kage in history and securing himself as one of the most powerful shinobi in the world.

Okay Nakama!

Time to vote on who you think would win!

Try not to just pick favorites, and instead pick the rightful victor based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

I believe crocodile actually may have the upper hand. hear me out. crocodile after eating the fruit basically is sand. he is like the t-1000 terminator. he can reform after taking multiple hits and as a result there would be no bodily damage. when reforming he doesn't use any stamina either and therefore will not get tired. they do however require concentration. so when it comes down to it yes Gaara can control sand but the question is for how long. he does have a limit to his Chakra afterall. the real question would be what would hold up better, crocodile 's concentration or gaara's Chakra reserves? as far as I see it I don't see a way for gaara to hurt crocodile. he would either have to be thrown into lava or be soaked in water/seawater and be beaten to death. another good point is that crocodile can generate limitless amounts of sand, but gaara has a limit to how much he can control due to having limited chakra. this is how I see the battle, if I am wrong please correct me. I tried to look at both sides with a clear head and unbiased view.
This is a really interesting one. First off, I would like for the rest of the Nakama to stop fanboying/fangirling and choosing their personal favorites in these.... Sometimes favorites lose. That being said this I a really good fight. Gaara's sand is controlled by tiny tiny tiny tiny amounts of his blood being in the sand, which allows him to manipulate it with his , or Shukaku's chakra. His signature "sand burial" would have little to no effect on Crocodile. However, being sand, Crocodile could actually poison Gaara rather easily just by mixing a little of himself into gaara's sand. Gotta hand this one to Crocodile. Gaara could win but Crocodile has advantage
@InVinsybll Well Gaara , in my opinion, seems stronger due to the amount of power he has not only just physically but mrntally. I'm not saying that croc isn't strong like him but he obtained that through a fruit and still needs some kind of weapon to protect him.
gaara is a ninja that has mastered the ways of his sandvillage and crocodile is a pirate that just has a devil fruit. I mean gaara at the chunin exams was strong af. gaara with his jinchurrikan would be over kill.
thing is that croc could become part of gaaras sand and attack without stop
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