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Ok, so remember that friend that had the problem with the girl? I wrote a card about it <<HERE>>
Essentially he kept hanging out with this girl and nothing was really happening. They never kissed or talked about dating, etc. But they hung out a LOT, and he really liked her.
SUPER THANKS TO @TessStevens @InPlainSight @jordanhamilton @paulisadroid @fikaocs @caricakes for giving advice to my friend. I relayed all the helpful advice!
BUT ok here's what happened. I gave him some of the advice you all lovely people gave me, told him to be straight forward and ask her if she's into him or not. And what he would like to see out of the relationship.
And she was totally confused! She only thought they were hanging out as friends, and didn't understand that he liked her. Oops. He told me that he still plans on hanging out with her as a friend (that's good). But will look for a romantic interest elsewhere.
Well, at least that was cleared up.

How do you think he could've expressed his interest in her better?

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Yeah, that's kinda what I said too (warningly) because you never what could happen, but not to get his hopes up! @InPlainSight I've dated people that were friends at first so, who knows?
Awww! Well I'm glad he took our advice & voiced his feelings. I'm also glad that he has decided to still be her friend. As long as he is happy at the end of the day.
Totally @jordanhamilton I think that's kinda what I expressed him too, like make sure whatever you do is making you happy. Even if it means not seeing that girl for a while. rejection is rough. haha
Yes, rejection is definitely rough! but with time, all thing will be good :) especially if you love yourself.
Amazing point @jordanhamilton