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The lovely @KwonOfAKind came up with adorable and badass game... Here's the card---》 Down below are my results
not sure why I'm scared of him...
and I am definitely close to a cool dude
pretty cool that mino did a dance collaboration with me. I bet he showed me some awesome moves...
I really do admire Bobby's rapping skills...he is a little young for me for romance...
yes I do a song collaboration with my ub...something I desperately want in my heart is to write a song with him and another collaboration with this adorable guy junhoe
Me and my lonesome self with these hotties... two of them our my best friends
so funny thing is I got swing right all five times the first time around. I believe irl we could legit be the best of friends he reminds me of my baby brother. I definitely be the older sister/caretaker of this squad but at the same time we would all have a great time.. I was sad I had no girls on my cards...I probably don't get along with their awesomeness. in real life I actually have more guy friends than girl friends
That song collab!!! GD and Junhoe two beautiful voices I would die lol and you have sexy boy Daesung, Donghyuk , and Jinhwan as best friends!! Your phone is amazing lol
@Jiyongixoxo I mean it plays BB on it's own at random lol. I smiled at my results