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You're perfect the way you are!
Everybody I have some shocking news about our loveable Seventeen member...
Boo Seungkwan thinks he's fat! And some of the fans have been telling him he is too!
Like I said, shocking. But if you don't believe me then see what he said on the V app on his birthday (which is January 16th) and the day after
This is so sad! He doesn't need to lose any weight at all and it's terrible that the fans are telling him this How these people even call themselves fans?! He's a healthy weight so it's not like they're worried about his well-being, I wish people like this couldn't talk to our idols they don't need people hurting their self-esteem like that.
Honestly when I see and hear stuff like that, I literally react like that ^^^
But can we all appreciate just how cute and amazingly talented Boo Seungkwan is?!
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ppl need to stop giving these idols a complex its not even true..
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