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I was tag by few people to do this challenge..the last one to tag me was @GenesisZiporrah. .so here we go my Gifs challenge card.. Rules... 1..Open Gifs 2...Use every 3 Gifs 3...No Skipping..
* Your parents reaction when you were born.. --------' yeah that was my Dad pretty
How you felt on the first day of school.. --------' that's was me in Kindergarten. .yeah my mom was called to come pick me up.cause I wanted to do to a
Your Reaction When you learned to ride a bike ------- pretty much..
Your Reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend. . ----------- very happy. . she knows what I like..haha
how you felt when you got your first crush -----' I don't know??? something like that..I guess.. how can you explain it????
How your crush felt when you told them. . ----------- hahahhaaa....Yep..
Your reaction to your parents sitting g down to have a talk.. -------------- Nervous specially with my Mom..
How you felt waiting for exam results.. ------------- when I wasn't sure yeah
Your reaction to failing an exam. . --------'----- Stressed of course.
Your reaction to passing an exam... ----------- Hello!??
Your reaction to have a crush on your professor. . -------------' something like
Your reaction to graduation. .. ------------- yeah!! great sensation all over..haha
You reaction to getting a good job.. ---------------- very excited. ...
Rest of your life..... Yes No worries.. Just

Now I will tag some of my Ps.. to do this fun card...of course you don't have to do it if you don't want to.. you know I love you anyway. .lol

wow these were perfect xD
Too much homework! !!!!>. <
haha wow.. I was like that after a few days of school actually I did to that's after a few days if school Lol I did mine a few days ago!!
I was actually like this today O.O
How You felt on your first day of school! XD
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