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One rainy day in January, You were walking down the street going to the Korean library called "The Bookworm". You had on your black hoodie and on the back it says "Strangers + Kpop = Friends. " You get there and hang up your hoodie. You walk over to the mystery/scary section because scary books excite you but you hate the scary movies. You see a book you particularly like, so you grab it but another hand is touching yours, It feels quite soft like a cloud. You look in front of you and you a handsome man with brown eyes, a round, flawless face. "Ommo, I'm sorry were you gonna read that?" He says. "Ummm yeah.... But you can if you want...What's your name?" "Namjoon, Kim Namjoon...... And yours, darling?" "(Y/N)" " That's a beautiful name for a lovely girl." He says as he smiles at you. He grabs the book and hands it to you. " Here you go.... if you want I can show you around the library, Not in a weird way.... I..I..I.. Sorry..." He looks down shyly. You put your arm around his," Sure I would love for you to show me around Namjoon, Just let me grab my hoodie." He smiles as you walk off. When you turn around he looks at you " You look beautiful today, just letting you know just in case no one told you today." " Ummm.... Thank you..." You say as you look down. He walks towards you and puts his arm around your shoulder and you guys walk around. After about an hour or so He says "Hey do you want to go to the park and like just hang out? if you don't want to it's fine I wouldn't want to make your boyfriend jealous." "I don't have a boyfriend" you say as you too smile at each other. "How does a beautiful kind girl like you not have a boyfriend?" "I don't know maybe they're too shy?" "Ha well want to go?" " I'd love too Namjoon, let's go!"
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I'm finally reading this I'm so excited!!!!