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One day, your walking home from hanging out with your friends and your walking by the skate park and you see a pretty boy doing tricks and flips. You pretend that your on the phone texting somebody when actually your watching him because of how impressed you are. He sees you and smiles, but you shyly look down, He walks towards you, "Hey, What's your name?" "(Y/N)" "Cool, I'm Jackson, Nice to meet you." He smiles at you and you start blushing. "Awww Some one has the hots for me?" You look at him madly, "What are you? I don't have the hots for you." you try to look down but he just's put his hand under your chin making you look up. "Sooner or later you will, Why do you think I've had so many girlfriends?" you push his hand and start to walk off but he grabs your wrist turning you around facing him. He tilts your chin up with his right hand as his left hand is moving from your wrist to your hand holding it tightly he ask, "Don't you know who I am?" You shake your head side to side, saying no. He softly pushes you back about an inch but you can still feel his breath. "Alright, I'll keep talking to you and bothering you til you get to know me, then we'll see if you know me by then." He walks off but your so concerned that you think why would any girl fall for his trouble making actions? You just shrug and walk home.

About 9:00 your still up in the fetal position, on your phone listening to SHINee's Dream Girl. You fell asleep but you just dream that Jackson was singing Dream Girl to you....

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@tinafalcon22 Your welcome @shellyfuentes70 I will promise @PrettieeEmm your welcome glad you love it
Omg thank you.. love it!!! ❤
I'm ready for that thank you
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