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Have you ever heard of ScholaR Comics? The comic is actually inspired by the real life events of Vicko Alvarez, who is both the creator and illustrator of the comics. Vicko wanted to tell the story of growing up Latina in a low-income neighborhood. ScholaR identifies as being chola -- but not the typical chola. Although ScholaR was raised in the same hood as everyone else, she's a huge nerd.
The comic started last October.
"...while I’m a huge nerd, I’m also someone who doesn’t take bullshit and comes from a working-class background in the same shitty neighborhoods that people associate with chola culture. It started as a joke, but then I thought it would be fun to draw this as a comic."
I love the idea behind this comic because I can totally relate. Of course, it's not something super special to grow up in the ghetto, while thriving in many areas of your life. But it's cool to see someone going through the same sort of struggle, while still managing to achieve excellence.

English Translation To Comic:

Assignment: Write a story about what you did this weekend.
Mama: ScholaR! Wake up so we can go to the WIC office!
Mama: Ask for the baby's formula.
ScholaR: Can we get formula?
ScholaR: Mama, can we go to the park?!
Mama: You stay here where I can see you!
TV: Today on "Primer Impacto"
ScholaR: Hmmm...
::Then ScholaR writes a made up story about going to the beach::
Lol Yeah I have my share of made up summer vacation stories.
aww, funny and still relatable lol
So have I lol. I guess it's the popular thing to do lol