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I wasn't tagged by anyone, but I thought that this would be a fun challenge and help people discover new kpop songs and groups. I thought I might give it a shot.
So, here it is
Hanging Around The House Playlist
Mommae- Jay Park Ft. Ugly Duck
Dead/Autumn Leave- BTS
Airplane- f(x)
Hold On- Axodus Ft. SHINee's Key
(This is my favorite on this playlist, not being bias or anything *whispers "totally bias* )
Don't Go- EXO
Shake It- Sistar
SHINee- Love Sick (My favorite song of there "Odd" Album)
and last, but certainly not least
Who Are You- Boa ft. Gaeko
So, that's my playlist. I hope you guys like it. Feel free to listen to these songs whenever you feel like it or all the time like me. *stares at the floor*
I don't own these videos. Credit to the owners.
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