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One day, your going to your special performing arts class, so you start to do your daily routine as usual but you realize that you have about 20 minutes to get there but foot so you grab your phone and your skateboard. As your riding down town you can see your destination and when you get there you realize that there was a pretty guy sleeping in a corner, drooling all over a sheet of paper with writing on it. You tap his shoulder, he jumps up and looks at you with tired eyes " Aissshhhh Why did you wake me up?" He asks rudely as he looks at you but turns to look at his papers and picks them up sadly.. "I'm sorry for my actions I apologize." He apologizes looking sorry and guitly. " Aww don't be It's okay don't worry about it" He smiles at you "I'm sorry, honestly I didn't get your name, Miss??" "(Y/N), and yours?" "Min Yoongi but you can just call me Suga" "Alright Suga" You say as you giggle "Suga? as in Sugar?" " Yeah, have a problem with that?" "No, No... I mean You seem more tuff like a rock" "I guess... What are you doing here anyway?" " I'm here to practice my dancing" "That's nice, I'm here to practice my rapping skills even though I know I'm good I still practice to be perfect and you should show me some dance moves while I rap." " Well what song?" "Dope" " Alright"... You start to dance the choreography while he raps his verse, J-Hope's verse and Namjoon's verse. As soon you guys were done you felt sweaty and tired, You started to get dizzy so you collapsed on Suga, He catches You in shock. He looks at you and sees that breathing a bit harder than usual, he grabs a water bottle and gives it to you and you drink as much water as much as you can. He picks you up and sits you right next to him, You can feel his leg touching yours. "You okay?" "Yeah I just got dizzy for some reason" "You need to..." before he can finish his sentence you lay and rest your head on his shoulder. You feel getting warmer and warmer eventually he picks you up bridal style he nuzzles his face on your neck because it was cold in the building. He sets you down on the guest room bed, He sleeps on the floor thinking about you, how gentle you are....
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