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As you all know Tzuyu had the Taiwanese flag right well things got a bit scetchy after. Turns out JYP is being sued for forcing Tzuyu to apologize. Human rights lawyer Wang Kefu and MC Hu Zhongxin are pressing charges against JYP for coercion and forcing Tzuyu to apologize. They have also pressed these same charges on Huang An, the guy who started it all. So Huang said waving the Taiwanese flag is suggested to support the Taiwanese independence. HE ALSO STATED THAT HE CONSIDERS HIMSELF TAIWANESE. I hope nothing big happens tho... I hope Tzuyu is ok... She looked so sad while she spoke on that video but idk I don't wanna pick sides...
Its just so silly! She's a 16 year old who was just handed something and because of one person she's now a huge political issue. So unfair to her.
I don't know what to feel about this whole situation..I feel like JYP should've handled this a little differently but I also feel like that he didn't know what else to do...and also I feel so bad for her..she is so innocent...
I hope she's okay too. She doesn't deserve all this hate