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hey guys i dont want to start a war but i want to hear some opinions like which do you prefer dub, sub, or are you like me who will watch it ether way only if you start it one way
Because i love the dub in gurren lagann and couldnt watch it subbed.
Or blue exorcist i couldn't watch it dubbed cause the sub is so good.
So tell me what you prefer and I'll make it hard for you if you like dubs more and you have watch some subs whats your favorite sub. If you like subs more and have seen a few dubs whats your favorite dub or you can do both if you want just please be nice to everyone and remember its all personal opinions.
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I prefer dub but sometimes I'll watch in in sub. code geass I watched in sub. I tried one episode of dub and I didn't like it. for anyone that believes sub will always be better hasn't watched yu yu hakisho or high school dxd dub.
Sub always and forever!!!! I refuse to watch dub whatever the circumstance! It's just like American voices don't have that talent or something! Idk it's just not the I like it when the Japanese characters say something in English like "thank you" or "bye bye" it's so cute馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃馃馃馃馃
u believe it completely depends on the show... i prefer sub. but i will watxh dub ... most if the dubs pail in comparison however i really enjoyed stiens gate as a dub... and i prefer to watch the dub fir DBZ mostly because i grew up watching the dub on tv... but 90% of the time sub is a million times better... mostly due to the lack of great talent in the American voice acting community... wixh is why i want to become one
it depends on how well America can dub the anime itself. The best dub I've every watched was Cowboy Bebop.