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This week is a huge week for the four remaining teams in the NFL playoff race.
The New England Patriots and Denver Broncos will face off in the AFC title game Sunday, while the Arizona Cardinals play the Carolina Panthers for the NFC crown.
Who do you think has enough left in the tank to push their team in the Superbowl this week?
The Cardinals faced off in arguably one of the best division-playoff rounds of all time, pulling out a nail biter against the Packers. The Panthers dominated the Seahawks. The Patriots dug deep and pulled out a victory against the sizzling hot Chiefs and the Broncos played great against the Steelers at home.

What teams would you like to see faceoff in this year's Superbowl?

For me, the Patriots vs Panthers. I guess we shall see who comes on top at the end of the week @KyleBerke ;)
Broncos and Patruots. rematch Broncos taking it home tho
And I guess I would want the Broncos to win as long as it's not the Patriots or the Cardinals
Broncos vs Panthers
Broncos and Cards...Let Manning win and go out on top like Ray Lewis did.
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