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Sit back and enjoy the story guys ^.^ Like always there will be two endings for the fluff and smut readers so enjoy!!!!
Left this out on the previous card but here it is ^.^

Nickname For You: Baby

Yoongi was never was good with words.
Looking at his lyrics you could assume that he could talk about everything in such a profound level, that he’ll be able to describe the sight of his toothbrush for 10 minutes straight.
But that’s not the case.
Yoongi had admitted himself, even in public, that he just doesn’t know how to express his feelings. And you know well from first hand experience.
You’ve been dating him for about a year now and neither has he ever said he loved you or made you any genuine compliment. But to be honest - you didn’t mind all too much. The way his voice changed from raspy to smooth when he adresses you, the way his eyes sparkle for a second when he looks at you, the way he touches you as if you were the most precious thing in this world - all of that is enough for you, enough for you to know his heart.
These thoughts pass your mind as you laze around on the couch in the Bangtan dorm and watch TV - usual friday night.
"Aghhhhhhh why???” you call out, ruffling through your nicely made hair and staring at the TV screen.
"What is it?" Yoongi asks, looking up from his laptop and pushing his big headphones away from his left ear.
"WHAT IS IT?" rings the same question from the hallway Taehyung just walked through, now also entering the room to sit with you, Yoongi, Jimin and Namjoon.
“They are starting to show Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning again.” you whine, first looking at Yoongi, but as he very obviously didn’t understand your frustration you despereatly glance at Taehyung.
His nose was scrunched up as he said ” What? But isn’t the new season out already? I don’t think I can wait until they get to that part again ” he joins your complaining, earning confused looks from the other guys as he sat down on the ground.
He shruggs "What ? It’s a good show."
Not wanting to deal with the very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy again, you just go with what the boys decide on - The Simpsons.
The four of you, plus a half absent Yoongi, quietly sit infront of the screen.
” Ah ~ I’m gonna get myself some tea - anyone else?” you say after about half an hour and stand up. You pull down your cute green sweater and run a finger through your hair before searching the boy’s faces for an answer. Jimin is the only one to look up, smiling his sweet smile and shaking his head.
"No, no, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t serve us filthy boys." he jokes cheesily, making you smile widely at the unusual feeling that a compliment gives you. "Thank you.” you say before you hurry into the kitchen.
Jimin chuckles. “Cute...” he says to himself as he turns back to the screen, noticing the piercing stare Yoongi is directing at him just now. Jimin gives him a questioning look.
"Ya. Could you maybe stop flirting with my girlfriend?” he growls.
Jimin just laughs. “Hyuung ~ I was just saying the truth. And I mean, someone has to tell her afterall.” he finishes with a teasing grin.
"What is that supposed mean?” Yoongi asks, raising one eyebrow.
"That means that you never say anything nice to her.” Namjoon responds instead.
"Unless you are an absolute fluffball when you two are alone, but I highly doubt that.” Taehyung adds.
"What ? Well… That’s not true...” Yoongi contradicts, despereatly searching his memory for an occasion that can prove them wrong.
You finish making your tea and are about to enter the room again as you hear Namjoons deep and clear voice.
“Oh really ? Well if you are such a smooth-talker tell us right now what you love about your girlfriend.” Namjoon challenges him.
You didn’t mean to secretly listen to them, but the temptation of hearing Yoongi’s confession was just too big to ruin the opportunity.
“Tsk, as if that would be a problem.” Yoongi gives back with confidence, which slowly subsides the longer he thinks about it.
” Ahhhh... I knew Hyung couldn’t do it” Jimin comments amused.
” She is … She is …” he stutters out in such a low tone that you can barely hear it.
Namjoon laughs and waves his hand at Yoongi, telling him that he accepts his failure.
But Yoongi continues, his pride urging him to put his dongsaengs in their place.
"She is beautiful.
Not the society’s ideal type,
That little scar on her hand,
The way she puffs her cheeks when she washes her face or
The sigh of content she lets out when she lays beside me
All her little quirks
All of her
Is just so beautiful.
Beautiful in a way that throws shadows on the Mona Lisa,
on the landscapes of New Zealand.
Beautiful to the core
That core, made out of star dust and children’s dreams.
The one made for me.
She's the reason I smile
And the reason I wake up.
I belong to her and she belongs to me.”
He sighs deeply, having his eyes fixed on the celing.
"I love every bit of her.” he finishes in another deep sigh and looks down to his members, mouth hanging open, staring at him in disbelief.
"Oh my god that was absolutely gross!!” Namjoon says after a short moment of silence, breaking out in uncontrollable laughter.
” Don’t ever dare to call me cheesy again, Hyung! Wow, this was … Really” Jimin brings to shout out between his laughter, Taehyung heavily leaning on him, gasping for air and hitting his leg.
Realising what he just said Yoongi blushes slightly. “Whatever guys… You asked for it ” he hisses.
You bite down on your lip to hide the wide smile that grew wider with every word Yoongi had spoken.
You sneak in through the door, cupping the warm cup between your hands - not even closely as warm as your insides are feeling.
The other members stopped laughing by now and Yoongi had directed his attention back to his laptop. You silently go back to your place beside him on the couch, squeeze close to him and look up to him trough your lashes.
“Hmm? ” he grumbles curiously.
You shake your head and press a short soft kiss on his cheek.
“Nothing. I just love you too ” you whisper so only he can hear.
Yoongi pretents he didn’t hear, but the slight tint of red creeping on his creamy cheeks tell different.


Finally your boyfriend, namely Yoongi, was able to put some time aside for you. He was incredibly busy at the moment with schedules even to the point he couldn’t even squeeze in a text or two. But today, was just for you two.
You rested your head on Yoongi’s chest and his arms were carefully wrapped around your waist. He nuzzled his nose into the top of your head before planting a tender kiss on your forehead.
“I’m tired” Yoongi muttered under his breath, shifting his position on the bed a bit, nestling his face into the nape of your neck.
You understood that he was tired due to his hectic schedule and you were glad to be able to spend the day with him, but at the same time you were a little disappointed. He kept saying he’s tired throughout your whole day together and you had to keep shaking him awake all day. It made you feel regretful about the whole day and guilty about preoccupying his time when he could’ve been sleeping.
In the midst of your thoughts you feel Yoongi’s breaths become deeper and hot. Then it hits you- he fell asleep! You immediately shot up overwhelmed with disappointment when the sudden movement didn’t wake him up.
I should’ve kept him preoccupied with something else… you thought to yourself in complete dismay.
Suddenly and idea came to mind, and you decide to go with it. Carefully, you crawled on top of his sleeping body and straddled him, feeling slightly frustrated that this too didn’t wake him up, you then leaned down to his lips and planted a kiss on his slightly parted lips.
To your dismay however, this only caused him to let out a slight hum and move a little under your body. Becoming increasingly impatient you reached down and grabbed a hold of his member through his pants and began to massage softly.
Finally, his eyes opened and he looked up at you at first in confusion, until he realized what was going on, that’s when his eyes became glazed over with a stare of pure lust.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he cooed with a croaky sleepy voice.
“What do you think?” you responded before he grabbed your face with both hands and ferociously attacked your lips, entering his tongue into your mouth with no warning.
You unbuttoned his jeans and hastily whipped out his unit, hearing a satisfied groan come from his lips. Ending the make out session, you began to leave trails of kisses from his jawline down to his chest, stomach, and then finally you kissed his tip. Yoongi bit his lip and let out a blissful hiss as you took him into your mouth and started to bob your head gently, sucking your cheeks in to cause more sensational pleasure.
“Ah-Y/N” he croaked reaching his hands down to grab your hair, and lead your pace. You grabbed onto his hips for more support as you were led up and down on his cock, with more force each time. When you started to moan against his member Yoongi could no longer control himself, he became a grunting mess and became too shaky to keep leading you and instead moved your hair aside so he could watch you take him in, and when he made eye contact with you going down on him so passionately his eyes squeezed shut and he started to curse- he was close.
In between curse words, he would moan your name and try to say something to keep you going but he couldn’t even think. Finally, Yoongi came and you took in every drop of cum that he secreted, you unmounted your mouth from his manhood and suddenly Yoongi had you on your back, unbuttoning your jeans.
“Your turn!” he wooed with a smile.
Yoongi pulled your jeans down and you kicked them off to the floor, and watched as Yoongi proceeded to take his fingers under the hem of your panties and pulled them straight off. Now completely exposed down below you felt heat rush to your face- you always did when Yoongi would go down on you- but you also felt a great amount of anticipation and pleasure explode within you as soon as you felt his lips come in contact with your nether region.
You felt him run his tongue along from your opening to your clit and it sent chills down your whole body. As Yoongi progressed with more pressure and movement you couldn’t help but to start groaning as your body started to almost ache with content.
Suddenly he stopped, and you looked at him, obvious bewilderment in your eyes. “You don’t like that?” he asked teasingly.
You shook your head.
“I think you’ll like this…” he said as he inserted a finger into you.
You bit your lip and muttered, “That’s not enough for me.”
He chuckled and put in another finger, “Is that better?” he asked, a smug grin plastered on his face.
“I need more… give me more” you answered, “You could do better than that."
With another seductive chuckle, Yoongi entered another finger into you causing you to let out a stifled moan, signalling that you were satisfied. Yoongi began to thrust his fingers in and out of you at a perfect pace that left you with no control, you were bucking your hips in perfect unison with his digits and you were reaching sweet release. Then he stopped earning a glare from you.
"I hope you're ready baby...." Suga growled flipping you over roughly aiming his member and slamming his full length into you. You couldn't help yourself from moaning as you grabbed the sheets under you.
"'re so tight baby..." Suga muttered pounding into you as he leaned to your ear whispering the dirtiest things that only brought you closer to your sweet release.
You could tell Suga was getting close as he thrusts got sloppier and he pulled your face up kissing your neck as you climaxed came shuddering from the intensity as you both collapsed from the intensity from it.
After getting back into a cuddling position, you looked up at Yoongi and he kissed you, which turned into another passionate make out session, but before it could go any further you backed up and looked into his eyes, “I love you..."
He smiled and left a kiss on your forehead as he snuggled into you closer. "I love you too..."

Everybody's favorite ray of hope is up next so prepare yourself!!!! ^.^

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Omg the first one got me all giggly because of how cute it was.. And than I started reading the other one and half way through I dropped my phone out of shock 😱🙈 But good stories.. Please tag me in next ones! Thanks for the bedtime stories..
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