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Hello Sports community!

I want to share an exciting news with you guys today! I've been working as the Sports community moderator for about four months now and I've met some great Vinglers within the Sports community. It's always been really exciting to connect with sports fans right here and as I've seen the community grow steadily, I decided it was time to create a staff for the Sports community. So sports fans, I would like to present you our newest and very first Sports community staff member...


*You can check out Kyle's Vingle page here --->
Kyle has been an active member in the community and you can see his passion and knowledge for sports on our Live Discussion cards! And you can tell from his thoughtful comments and cards that he is an all-around player, expanding his expertise to football, hockey, basketball, and even soccer now!

And on top of that, he was the winner of the Vingle Bells Christmas Giveaway for the Sports community that took place last month!

Kyle is destined to become Vingle's...

Mike "Doc" Emrick

His official role in the Sports community will be "Sports Commentator". I am sure Kyle is the best fit for the job and he will do an excellent job to bring the community even more active than ever before.

So sports fans, please welcome and congratulate my staff and friend, @KyleBerke, to the Sports community!

@ButterflyBlu Haha thanks for the support! I'm so glad he said yes!
@InPlainSight He is the perfect Sports commentator haha
Congrats @kyleberke I can't wait to read and interact with your new content brother! Always Great talking sports with you!
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