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Just got a message from LINE's official account for VIXX! Can you translate? "20160118-19 MBC 아육대 현장 VIXX 멤버들의 모습입니다!^^ 별빛여러분을 향한 멤버들의 따뜻한 마음이 느껴지시나요~?? 오늘도 날씨가 많이 추운데 별빛여러분 모두모두 감기 조심하세요~"
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I am nowhere near this level yet, but I can pick out a few words here and there! Plus I kind of know the particles and I know sentence structure for the most part.
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At least you can read Hangul though!! Hwaiting!!! @AlyssaGelet818
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@CurrySoop Haha thank you! Actually, I write Korean notes (including hangul) and I could take pictures and add them to my collection if you think it would help :) They are a bit wordy though~
2 years ago·Reply still trying to memorize the characters😥😥... i guess since i also have to study japanese kanji for class im a little behind...alot behind
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I have posted cards on how to learn Korean alphabets, so make sure you check those! It's under my "Korean with Kpop" collection. @BiancaMason
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