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For those who haven't been following the Cosby-Rape drama in the news should know that it appears 80s funny man, Bill Cosby, WILL NOT BE GOING TO JAIL--at least, not any time soon!
That's because, as media reports are alleging, Cosby made a sweet "immunity" deal with a former Montgomery County District Attorney that ostensibly allows him to say his peace--guilty or not--and walk away virtually unscathed.
Adding fuel to the raging fire of rage over it all, Cosby's defense attorney has (in time past) crushed the current Prosecution for the case. So, basically, even if this makes it through the civil courtroom, the game's already over.
So, now what?!
I've pretty much just SMH and moved on because I can't deal with it anymore!
Oh. My. God. WTF. I can't even handle this. Ridiculous... no matter who you are, ANYBODY who commits such a terrible crime and SO many times should rot behind bars..
That causing traffic.. I did not even know he lived near me
This is ridiculous and disappointing.
This makes me SO ANGRY!!! This country needs a lesson in separation between the politicians, law makers, and law establishers and the MONEY. ugh, it's corrupting the US.
all you need is money @allobaber
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