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One sunny morning, you wake up to your alarm clock playing "No more dream" By BTS, you get up and start dancing and start to sing along.By the time the song is over, You look over to your left and see a pile of dirty clothes that needed to be washed by tomorrow for collage. You walk to the nearest dry cleaning place, which is called "EXOtic dry cleaners". You walk in to see an employee folding a load of freshly, dried, non-wrinkled clothes. "Umm.. Excuse me sir". The employee turns around to smile at you. "May I help you?" You read his tag which says "Xiumin"

"Ummmm, yes Xiumin... ummm... Is there any available washer that I could use?"Xiumin looks around to see that all the washers and dryers are all taken and being used....

"Ummmm, just bring your clothes and come to the back with me.." "Alright" you said. He motions to you to come towards his direction leading you to a special looking kind of washer and dryer. "This is the managers wife's property so don't mess it up okay?" you gulp loudly that you're pretty sure he heard you. Xiumin leaves you alone but keeps the door open to supervise you and your actions. Every 2 minutes he would look at you and smile at you as he folds his clothes. The 3rd time when he looked at you he accidentally folded a dirty pair of underwear that weren't even his. You point and tried to tell him that its dirty and underwear. He noticed and is disgusted and drops it on the floor and a random guy comes and claims it. Xiumin looks towards you and smiles at you as you laugh really hard to the point where you were crying tears. Xiumin walks towards to you and wipes his thumb over your warm red cheeks, making you smile. "Hey, I didn't get your name madam, what is it?" "(Y/N)" "That is a wonderful name, Well were closing soon and I see that your laundry isn't done yet, if you want I can get your number and call you for you to pick up your laundry and I can do it all for you."

"That is very kind of you Xiumin but that won't ncessary." "No, I must your a lady I want to be polite to you." You smile as you write and give your number to him. You leave to your house that night thinking about today. "Is he flirting with me? or just being nice?"

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