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Second card in the {G} series. Let's goooo!

Cute faces are always hiding something.

A crash course on Sakata Gintoki, otherwise known as "Odd Jobs Gin" and the lead role he plays in the series. Everything from his natural perm to his love of parfaits, and who and what make him the lazy jack of all trades that he is.
~Basic Profile~
Name: Sakata Gintoki
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 10
Age: 20s
Height: 177 cm (5'8")
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Dominant Hand: Right
Species: Human
Occupation: Yorozuya (Odd Jobs)
Seiyuu: Sugita Tomokazu
Sakata Gintoki is the dead-fish-eyed, naturally permed, borderline diabetic protagonist of Sorachi Hideaki's manga, Gintama. He's lazy, has problems controlling his sugar intake and refuses to miss a single issue of his Weekly Shounen Jump. Unlike Goku whose power level is over 9,000 or Luffy whose arms can stretch around the globe five or six times, Gintoki's iconic bokuto (wooden sword) is something he purchases through a TV shopping program whenever it breaks. He freeloads off of an old woman named Otose, lives on the second floor of her snack shop and pretty much never pays his rent.
I know that this profile is painting the perfect hero of a Shounen Jump manga for you. As a matter of fact, if you're wondering at this point why this is even a character worth shrining, don't worry--I still wonder about that.
But there's more to Gin-san than meets the eye. A veteran of the Joui War, Gintoki originally fought against the Amanto, then known as the fearsome Shiroyasha, a "white demon" whose skills in sword fighting and combat went unrivaled. The samurai ultimately fell in battle and were deemed useless by laws later enforced by these alien invaders, who overtook the Bakufu. Choosing not to continue taking part in a useless rebel cause, Gintoki continues his life after war as a freelancer--living by his own code and doing odd jobs for people around town.
Despite all of the flaws listed above and his feigned cowardice, Gintoki's got a surprisingly big heart and will do pretty much any job for any price (usually free, and much to his dismay). When he's not picking his nose over a copy of Jump, Gintoki willingly helps anyone from comrades to complete strangers who are unable to fight for themselves--or maybe just need some cockroaches exterminated.
"What kind of soul does this man have? It's really hard to tell, but...I can definitely tell it's shining. I think I'll stand by his side and keep watching it."
(--Shimura Shinpachi, Chapter 1)
Though Gintoki puts up with well-deserved verbal (and physical) abuse on how much of an unmotivated and lazy slob he is, there's also something deep within his character that draws people to him--which is the reason why both Shinpachi and Kagura willingly join him in his mission to help helpless citizens around town and hopefully make a few bucks out of it as well. I think part of the reason these characters (and so many of his fans) admire Gintoki is because despite the fact that he is such a loser, there are times where his true intentions come out and he manages to be the iconic Jump hero we all know and recognize. Though there are things of the past which he's failed to protect, he lives "in the now" and by his own set of rules, not anyone else's. Working at the Yorozuya, Gintoki is willing to help the most helpless of people even if he believes them to be the scum of the earth. The price on that job may be anything from a wad of cash to a chocolate parfait, but more often than not it seems that Gintoki is contented with knowing that he could protect something important to his customer.

Sugar, Jump and Nose picking.

When it comes to describing characters, there are usually a number of defining character traits which really make them who they are. For Monkey D. Luffy, it's his stretchy body and appetite of a starving child. For Frieza, genocide. In the case of Gintoki it pretty much sums itself up into a list of horrible addictions and bad habits, but nobody's perfect. As a matter of fact, one could say that it's Gintoki's imperfections that make him so lovable. He's not god-like or overly glorified in any way which makes him seem more human than most super cool protagonists. (Well, most of the time, anyway.) Don't we normally like characters that are easy to relate to, after all? And what Gintama fan doesn't prefer lazing on the couch, picking their nose and reading Jump to doing anything worthwhile?
The downside is that even though most characters in the series have a deeply hidden respect for Gintoki, nobody would outwardly admit it just based on the stuff listed below. That's right, this is an entire section dedicated to Gintoki's imperfections.

Gintoki is cursed with a natural perm.

And he absolutely loathes it, and isn't afraid to use it as an excuse for his shortcomings--or alternatively--to garner attention to himself as it's kind-of sort-of his defining character trait. He blames his natural perm on the fact that he can't seem to get any girls, despite the fact that he has quite a few female stalkers admirers within the series that he shoos off as annoyances. Though other characters claim that he's simply trying to blame everything on his perm rather than taking responsibility for his actions, Gintoki is completely bent on the idea that he can use this "weakness" as leverage to get to the top, and exploits it shamelessly. However, the moment he's given the opportunity to get rid of his perm, he jumps on that as well. I guess you could say that he's a little bit vain, but when other iconic Jump heroes like Goku or Ichigo are sporting stylishly spiked hair, you can't really blame a guy for fretting about his curls.

Gintoki is addicted to sugar.

To the point where his doctor has warned him that if he doesn't control his sugar intake, he'll most certainly become a diabetic (or at the very worst, his balls will explode). However, not even risks to his health could make Gintoki put down a sugary treat. As a matter of fact the sole reason that Gintoki meets Shinpachi in the first place is because in the middle of Shinpachi's argument with the Amanto, they knock over his parfait. Not only is he not afraid to deal some punches for his right to chow down on cavities, he's willing to throw down in the good name of sugar. Gintoki's gotten into heated arguments numerous times with government officials over sugar's superiority to other condiments (you know what I'm talking about: mayonnaise), and while he'll be the first to run from a monsterous-looking neighbor he won't back down if you talk smack on his beloved crystalline carbohydrates.

Recipes fit for a Samurai.

"You are what you eat". If it's true what they say, then Gintoki is definitely made up of sugar, spice and everything absolutely fattening nice. But mostly sugar. Gintoki's addiction to all things sweet is something that's canon from the very beginning of the manga: his first appearance happens simply because his beloved parfait is knocked over by an Amanto (who grows angry at Shinpachi, a worker there) at the cafe he's eating at. Though his actions appear noble--as if he's trying to help out the young four eyes--he's simply in it to get revenge for the life of his parfait. It seems pretty heartless, but Gintoki openly confesses his love for sugar and claims that he won't be able to make it through the day if he doesn't eat his sweets.
Gintoki's addiction to sweets seems to add a little bit of boyish charm to his usually prickly personality. Considering that things like chocolate releases endorphins and other things that trigger happiness, his addiction to sugar is probably something like a drug to help ease him through what usually ends up as a back-breaking, migraine-inducing kind of day. His former war veteran comrades also associate Gintoki's addiction to sugar as a reasoning for him "softening up" after the war and no longer having the will to fight. Here's a small section to expose a little bit of Gintoki's sugary side.
"Here's the power balance in this house: me first, sweets second. Remember that!"
--Sakata Gintoki

Gintoki has a chronic nose picking problem.

Disgusting, but true. He almost always has his pinky lodged up his nose and has been caught on screen numerous times flicking boogers, wiping them on retail (then asking for a discount) or even on placing them on his fellow comrades. It's become a trademark pose for his apathetic disposition, because unlike other manga heroes Gintoki doesn't seem to be overly concerned with keeping up appearances, looking "cool" or even being a good role model. As a matter of fact, Gintoki's nose picking is emulated rather quickly by his younger sidekick, Kagura, who adopts Gintoki's disgusting habit not long after meeting him early in the series. Hell, Gintoki even makes nose picking into an orgasmic trend during an episode of Panty & Stocking... ah never mind, maybe that wasn't exactly Gintoki.

Gintoki is still reading Shounen Jump at his age.

But he claims that "a man will act like a kid for as long as he lives" and will justify it by any means necessary while going through the most ridiculous of lengths to be able to read the latest issue. Many of us can probably relate to Gintoki when he claims that there's just something that draws him to it, but the irony in all this really just lies in the fact that Gintama itself is published in Weekly Shounen Jump. Probably the #1 manga character spokesperson for the weekly anthology, he follows it religiously with admiration for his (fellow) shounen manga heroes and also enjoys falling asleep under it while lounging on the couch. (He may or may not be slightly delusional in thinking that he can achieve bankai or can do the kamehameha wave, but it's good to have a big imagination!) That is to say, that Gintoki really isn't unlike you or me, you know you'd totally fight off an army of ninjas to buy the last copy of Jump at the store.

Gintoki has a crush on the weather girl.

(And has a nurse outfit kink.)

Though he has a number of fangirls within the series who are literally harming themselves in order to get into his pants (...literally!) and an even larger number of real-life fangirls who want to see him do the dirty with the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi (<3), Gintoki doesn't express too much taste for romance. However, this doesn't stop him from lusting over the weather report girl, Ketsuno Ana, or perhaps imagining her in a cute pink nurse uniform. Gintoki states early on in the series that what really gets him off are nurse outfits, so it's kind of ironic that most of his hospital experiences end up in some sort of unwarranted S&M play or unfortunate encounters. [Fun!]
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