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I had a big plan today. I was going to write an awesome card about my initial impressions of all the winter 2016 anime series I've started. But then I realized I haven't watched a lot of them, and went off looking for other people's summaries to see what else I should check out before doing so...

And then I found this video. Pure. Gold.

Seriously, in under 8 minutes he gives you pretty good, simple (while short) reactions to many of the anime series that are out this season. He doesn't really talk about the plot so much, but just based on his reactions you can pretty much tell if it's something you will find worth watching or not.

So, if you're looking for something to watch!

I recommend checking out this video to get an idea of what new anime might be your style. I still plan to be ambitious and write up my card about what anime I like best, but I think I'll wait till next week & after I check out a few more of the new series!