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Thanks to @InVinsybll for tagging me. The first set I'd like is bleach. I really like bleach because it's one of my first Manga I've read and it's really such a great series with great characters. I could probably swing it too since it's probably around 120-160 for a box set of Manga. I know that may be a little much but I love Manga a lot.
Another set I'd like is fairy tail. Fairy tail never gets old and it's another one of my all time favorites! The feels you get from it is so worth it. Plus I could show it to my kids and grandkids lol.
The last one I'd like for now anyways is naruto. Naruto is my first Manga and it's amazing! I love the characters and the story and the feels you get! Soon I'll be able to say other ones I'd like to collect but for now these come to mind cause they're awesome. Tagging: @danse @TylerDurso @InVinsybll @hakiymm @JadaDiemand @TreverMoon @ShinigamiSan @Thatperson512 @emmajolie @reinsharai @VoidX
I do the same thing too! I always get a lot of Manga from the library lol
My public library is almost outta manga for me to read. I go there like literally 2-3x a week...buuut so far I've liked all of them but if I have to pick favorites mine was Death Note. Maybe, there have been so many great ones that I've read that I can't even remember. I can't even remember the first one I read...馃槀oh well.
Couldn't be anymore jealous
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