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Not too long ago I saw @hikaymm post a photo of her adorable bag charms and I felt like sharing something I carry with me every day as well.
OK so why is the title Personality and Pins: well, I think one can do certain things that let other people know about you. For example, what do the quotes tell you about my sense of humor? I like gaming, I watch Psycho-Pass and Soul Eater, and I show support for Breast Cancer victims by having a ribbon.
What do these ones tell you about me? Sure, the guys might not be completely accurate, but it's a guess nonetheless. Also... My Neighbor Totoro and Deadpool❤
Guess this girl's favorite show. if you guessed Kuroko no Basuke you're SO right! oh and that little black with red tube at the back of the key chain...yeah that innocent looking tube is actually pepper spray I keep hidden inside my bag because safety comes first and I do carry 3 self defense weapons with me at all times. (the other two are scary so I won't show them lol)
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@EmmaJolie I technically breathe Kuroko no Basuke. I've watched the anime and read the manga so many times!
@poojas thank you, they were presents given to me by friends (even though I don't even watch the shows)
KUROKO!!!!!!!!! :3
@animerg13 lol I read that with Hyuuga's and Izuki's voices 😂
I'm kinda like a hyper Kuroko so I can believe that. 😅