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so unrealistic!! hurts so bad!!
5 years ago·Reply
Just one line can inflict so much emotional pain. @neaa I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were going through something. :( I never hear from you anymore. You know I'm always an email or Gtalk away. I truly miss talking to you. I hope that your heart is feeling a little less heavy. <3
5 years ago·Reply
unni....actually i would have talked to you but damn these exams.. today was the laST!! IT WASN'T MUCH..just one of those not so good days
5 years ago·Reply
@neaa I just saw this today. (-_-) I swear, these damn notifications. Well, I did get your email and that really brought a smile to my face. I hope you're having a lovely day, dear dongsaeng.
5 years ago·Reply
i am.. watched a movie today..korean "love 911"'s nice..try it out
5 years ago·Reply