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Don't tell me how to live my Life Karen!!😂

NO WAIFU NO LAIFU!!!!! Anyway guys don't forget WAIFU WEDNESDAY with @hikaymm is Tomorrow so don't be shy and show your off your Waifu! We won't Judge you
@hikaymm I knew I got the gist of It I have a whole bunch of Waifus it's a bit Harem like but I might save some of them for a Harem Segment I might create
@hikaymm that's true I just don't want anyone to steal any of my Anibaes 😂 I have a Waifu complex
@BlackoutZJ that's fine too!! Or can post for both :3 I mean, more is better, right?
You got it right @BlackoutZJ! @Yatosgirl basically, the idea of it was to all post about our favorite female characters from anime. You can do your "waifu" aka your #1 girl always & forever, or you can just do your favorite girls from a variety of series :D or husbando's if you're prefer. It's just called "waifu wednesday" because it's a catchy alliteration!
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